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Press Red educates, equips, and empowers on the issues of violence and abuse against women and girls. Founded in 2016 by Michele Hawthorne, Press Red makes people aware of the injustices which are happening worldwide and on our doorstep, providing them with the tools and resources they need to make a difference.

What we have achieved


People we’ve informed about violence & abuse against women & girls.


Influential leaders we’ve equipped to tackle abuse against women & girls.


People we’ve empowered who are on the ground among some of the country’s most vulnerable women and girls.

Join us in turning off the silence

Research suggests that young people trivialise and justify violence against women and girls, view some forms of sexual harassment as normal, and excuse rape.

A report by the National Education Union found that teachers feel that the most effective way to address gendered violence in schools is by increasing awareness and education. Press Red will be delivering PSHE lessons, the Brave mentoring programme, and drama workshops addressing gendered violence.

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In partnership with The University of Exeter and endorsed by Public Health England, Press Red is launching an Intervention Initiative, designed to mobilise and empower those who are observing or standing by. 

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