Project Description

Combatting gender-based violence in partnership with Redcliffe College

We are thrilled to be working with Redcliffe College to equip Christians to recognise, understand and overcome gender-based violence through an online course now launched!

The course, called “Pressing Red,” aims to raise awareness, equip participants, and promote action and prayer around one of the most important and pressing issues of our world, an issue which is sadly being exacerbated by the Covid pandemic and lockdown  – the global scope of violence against wome​n. 

It is designed for use by churches or small groups, although the material can also be used by individuals. It is a six-part course designed to be done in six weekly sessions each lasting about 90 minutes. Each session covers one aspect of gender-based violence; including videos from experts working in Christian organisations within that field, discussion questions, a Bible study, links to resources, and practical steps you can take to make a difference.  Speakers include the well-known speaker and writer Elaine Storkey, Esther Swaffield-Bray of International Justice Mission, Sarah Hill of IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Services), Craig Prest of Hope for Justice, and more.

The course is based around Elaine Storkey’s book “Scars Across Humanity” and all participants are expected to have read the relevant chapters of the book to get the most out of each session (a discount code for buying the book is included with the course material). The downloadable Leaders’ and Users’ Guides are suitable for use on any device.

The course costs £50 for a group of up to ten participants, plus the price of Elaine’s book for each person, or £20 for an individual. More information can be found here:


Be inspired to end the violence of women and girls in the UK. Get in touch today and join us in making a difference.