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Making plans for a safer future is an excellent way to help protect yourself and stay safe. If you are experiencing or have experienced abuse, we recommend creating a safety plan, even if the abuse has stopped. The safety plan can help protect you from getting hurt and help keep you safe as well as lower your risk of harm and abuse.

In planning a safety plan, a good way to think about it is assessing the risks which you are facing, your physical and emotional needs, and equipping you to make choices that may keep you from serious harm.

Good things to think about while planning a safety plan or how you can make plans for a safer future is to think through lifestyle changes that you may need to make, to reduce risks, and to be as safe as possible wherever you are.

If you are in an abusive relationship – a good site to read about making a safety plan is Women’s Aid. Click here to take you straight to the section.

If you are in an emergency, ring 999.