What We Have Achieved

  • Informed over 3000 people about violence and abuse against women and girls

  • Presented at the Home Office in London, sharing the impact and root causes of abuse

  • Led seminars, talks and discussions at festivals, conferences and events including New Wine and Manchester Prayer Gathering

  • Launched a Working Group for primary schools in Manchester, supporting them in working with parents living with abuse

  • Brought together over 60 influential leaders to learn more about abuse and consider their personal and professional responses

  • Received funding from The Seedbed Trust, The Rank Foundation and Christian Arts Trust, as well as received funding from individual donors

  • Spoken directly to over 200 people who live and work among some of the country’s most vulnerable women and girls

  • Run a successful crowdfunding campaign to develop an online course educating and equipping people about abuse

  • Featured in national news including ITV

  • Partnered with a number of other charities to run conferences and initiatives

  • Gathered volunteers and ambassadors from all over Manchester, Bolton and Wigan as well as volunteers in London, Harrogate, Coventry, Chester and Wales

Greater Manchester is committed to ending violence against women and girls, working together with public sector organisations, the third sector and our communities to challenge attitudes, change behaviour and encourage people to speak out. By working with organisations such as    yourselves, we can make real change and promote a culture of equality and respect in our communities, protecting women and girls from harassment, abuse and violence both now and in the future.

Baroness Beverley Hughes, Deputy Mayor for Greater Manchester

I believe that this is a time…not to put our heads in the sand but to lift our heads up. To begin to get informed. To begin to get passionate. And to begin to pick up the cry.

Rachel Hickson, Heartcry For Change

The vision of Press Red is one of transformed relationship between men and women. There is still a long road to travel not only in reducing the abuse inflicted on girls and women here in the UK and across the world, but also raising awareness of the issue and its prevalence. The work of Press Red is making a significant contribution to increased awareness and initiating change, not least in and through local churches, and is rooted in a commitment to living and sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester


You can make a difference today. It starts with believing things can change.