Help if you are hurting someone

Stop and get help

Do you recognise any of the actions in the #BreakTheSilence videos? Are you worried that you are being abusive with your partner? Is your abusive behaviour costing you your relationship?

If you find that you are hurting those around you and don’t know what to do about it, help is available.

Respect provides a free phoneline service offering you confidential and honest advice without judgment. Their team of friendly advisors will listen to you and can help offer support to help you stop being violent. 

Call the dedicated phone line to listen and advise you: freephone 0808 8024040

Seek support and talk to someone about how you feel.

Press Red is committed to providing education and information for people who want to change their behaviour.

We believe that every person can stop this cycle of violence. 

Choose to stop.


You can make a difference today. It starts with believing things can change.