About Annalisa Toccara

With a degree in Theology and an incoming MA in International Public and Political Communication, Annalisa Toccara is the Head of Campaigns, Policy and Communications at Press Red and is an award-winning cultural producer, TEDx speaker, journalist and marketer. In 2018 Annalisa was honoured to receive a Women’s Centenary Award by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield in 2018 and is one of the Northern Power Women 2019 Future List. Annalisa has a passion for bringing love, hope, restoration, and joy to those around her and is fascinated by the link between creative mediums, social cohesion, and social justice.

Press Red 2019 Newsletter

Press Red November 2019 Newsletter Our Autumn 2019 Newsletter is here and can you believe October marked the first anniversary of our becoming a registered charity? We are so proud and grateful for all we've achieved in just 12 months. Thank you for the part you are playing in