About Us

We Believe in Change

Violence against women and girls exists at every life stage, threatening their physical and mental well-being from before birth right through to old age, harming not just the direct victim, but also their family, friends, and broader communities. The nature of these abuses, however, means that they are rarely confronted: either they are hidden from sight, with both victims and abusers too fearful and ashamed to seek help, or they form part of a cultural practice which carries on unchallenged.

  • Our vision is of a world in which no individual, society, or culture accepts abuse and violence against women, and where they can lead full and meaningful lives in safety and security.

  • Our mission is to be a significant force in the fight to eradicate abuse and violence against women in all its forms through increasing awareness while challenging and changing attitudes and behaviours. 

As an umbrella charity, we tackle all of the different forms of worldwide violence against women, working as the first step in the process of individuals, churches, and organisations realising the scale of the abuse taking place and getting involved with specialist charities and experts to help make a difference.

What we have achieved

“The work of Press Red is making a significant contribution to increased awareness and initiating change, not least in and through local churches, and is rooted in a commitment to living and sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.” – Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester


People we’ve informed about violence & abuse against women & girls.


Influential leaders we’ve equipped to tackle abuse against women & girls.


People we’ve empowered who are on the ground among some of the country’s most vulnerable women and girls.

The extent of violence against women cannot be underestimated, nor can its consequences. The impact ripples through every area of society

Elaine Storkey

Our Values

Our values are central to everything that we do, and founded deep within roots of equality and justice.


We focus on reaching the goal, and not on who gets the credit for the work.


We are non-judgmental and determined to ensure that every individual affected by these issues feels valued.


We bring the toughest of truths out into the light.


We are founded on Christian roots and put Biblical principles at the heart of everything we do


We will never stop developing new ways of shining a light on gender violence and helping people to make a difference.


We maximise the impact of donations through targeting the decision-makers who have the greatest influence.


You can make a difference by running a fundraising event, volunteering, or donating. Get in touch with us today.