About Ruth Akinradewo

Ruth Akinradewo is a Volunteer and Ambassador with Press Red. She is a social justice activist and over the years has garnered attention for her writing on matters relating to sexism and racism. An outspoken campaigner during her time at Oxford University, where she studied French and Italian, she has written about racism in Oxford for the national newspaper The Voice, and has twice been invited by the BBC to talk about biases that negatively affect women / girls and black people. Ruth believes firmly in the duty of Christians especially, to stand up and be a voice for the victimised. You can read more from Ruth on her own blog, The Change Channel - thechannelforchange.blogspot.com. When NOT getting angry about injustice, Ruth can be found laughing to the point of tears, singing at every possible moment, and dancing to her heart’s content!

No Room For Grooming

No Room For Grooming By Ruth Akinradewo Grooming, as defined by the NSPCC, is “when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.” This topic is one that has hit the headlines

Female Foeticide and Infanticide

Female Foeticide and Infanticide By Ruth Akinradewo Femicide is defined as: ‘the intentional killing of females because of their gender’. Numerous examples we have already explored comprise diverse types of femicide. Not withstanding this, female foeticide and infanticide represent perhaps the starkest form of femicide. ‘Female foeticide’ relates to

Press Red On Breast Ironing

Press Red On Breast Ironing By Ruth Akinradewo Have you ever heard of breast ironing? I hadn't until four years ago. It was a coincidence really; I happened to be called onto a BBC Radio interview, and another guest was invited to talk about the horrific practice during a


END FGM by Ruth Akinradewo Female genital mutilation, commonly referred to as FGM, is an inhuman and gender-specific abuse. It is a procedure whereby female genitalia is deliberately cut, injured, or changed and is sometimes referred to as female circumcision, which is a misnomer as it is quite different

Rape – A Violent Violation

Rape - A Violent Violation by Ruth Akinradewo This year’s global UN 16 days of activism campaign is centered explicitly on rape: by far the most ruthless of sexual violations. Rape as defined by the Metropolitan Police, "is when a person intentionally penetrates another's vagina, anus or mouth with