Press Red Isolation Challenge

This is a difficult time for many of us and can leave us feeling isolated and distant from our friends and family. However, at Press Red, we also appreciate this is often how many victims of violence feel. They may feel scared, alone, isolated and distant. Victims of trafficking, domestic violence, child brides and other forms of abuse can often be locked away and isolated from society, trapped and scared for their lives. 

At Press Red, we are launching The Press Red Isolation Challenge.

Running from 14th April 2020 to 5th May, we are asking our volunteers and ambassadors to answer the following questions and to share their thoughts, prayers and encouragements. If you would like to share personal experiences, this would also be powerful! 


Which form of violence/ abuse against women have you chosen to focus on? 

What does this form of violence and abuse look like?

How would it feel to be isolated, trapped and alone? If you have personal experience, please share.

What words of encouragement or affirmation could you give to women in these situations? 

So how do you join in with this campaign 

  1. Sign up to the challenge with Hannah – email below
  2. Chose a particular area of abuse to focus on: use our website to check out the areas we focus on at Press Red, have a read and use our resources to educate yourself further. 
  3. Use your phone to record a short video around 3-minute max, answering the questions. If you prefer, you can write a blog of around 150 words and attach a picture.
  4. Send the vlog or blog through to Hannah or Annalisa on the following email: hannah@pressred.org, annalisa@pressred.org       
  5. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram and share our website link with friends and family to share this campaign.