Sounding the alarm on injustice

Across the world women and girls face many different forms of abuse at every life-stage, from sex-selective abortion through to child marriage, female genital mutilation and trafficking. Press Red is a Christian CIO, founded by Michele Hawthorne in 2016, which works to initiate change through raising awareness of these abuses and their impact on women, their families and communities, and signposting opportunities to get involved in making a difference.
Our vision is of a world in which no individual, society, or culture accepts abuse and violence against women, and where they can lead full and meaningful lives in safety and security.
Our mission is to be a significant force in the fight to eradicate abuse and violence against women in all its forms through increasing awareness, whilst challenging and changing attitudes and behaviours.
We are a force for change, leading a movement of people, churches, and organisations who refuse to accept the status quo, and are committed to helping bring hope and healing into harrowing situations.

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Violence against women is at the heart of injustice around the world and at work in every local community. It is time to stop it. Never has the opportunity been more pressing than now. It is time. I believe Press Red will help awaken the church to offer transformational hope and change and pray that every believer will hear and answer the call with deliberate action to set people free.

Danielle Strickland, Speaker, Author & Social Justice Advocate

What We Have Achieved

“The work of Press Red is making a significant contribution to increased awareness and initiating change, not least in and through local churches, and is rooted in a commitment to living and sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.” – Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester

  • Informed over 3000 people about violence and abuse against women and girls

  • Presented at the Home Office in London, sharing the impact and root causes of abuse

  • Led seminars, talks and discussions at festivals, conferences and events including New Wine and Manchester Prayer Gathering

  • Launched a Working Group for primary schools in Manchester, supporting them in working with parents living with abuse

  • Received funding from The Seedbed Trust, The Rank Foundation and Christian Arts Trust, as well from a number of individual donors

  • Spoken directly to over 200 people who live and work among some of the country’s most vulnerable women and girls

  • Run a successful crowdfunding campaign to develop an online course educating and equipping people about abuse

  • Featured in national news including ITV

  • Partnered with a number of other charities to run conferences and other initiatives

  • We now have volunteers and ambassadors situated all over Manchester, Bolton and Wigan as well as volunteers in London, Harrogate, Coventry, Chester and Wales


Help us raise £50,000 for a Press Red Online Directory – our biggest campaign yet!

The Directory will provide a free, innovative resource for individuals, professionals, businesses and institutions, to find information, resources and practical help in response to abuse.

Would you be willing to make a special donation to our Directory Campaign of £25 or £75 or whatever you can afford to help us meet our goal and release the directory to help transform women’s lives?

We cannot do it without you. Your support will make a tangible, lasting impact in the lives of those who are still in need.

Our Events

We run conferences all over the country, working closely with partner organisations, charities, speakers and ambassadors to host Press Red events around the UK. Our meetings are lively, interactive and compelling, giving the many hundreds of people who attend the opportunity to learn more about the issues and to discover how they can get involved in making a difference.

An inspiring two part event to challenge you to take a stand against the violence suffered against women and girls worldwide.


The extent of violence against women cannot be underestimated, nor can its consequences. The impact ripples through every area of society; it affects women, children, families, neighbourhoods, men, lawmakers, law-enforcers, health providers and so many of our social institutions. It does indeed leave scars across the face of humanity.

Elaine Storkey, Scars Across Humanity

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