The PUSH – PLEDGE – PASS Challenge

The PUSH- PLEDGE- PASS Challenge With lockdown in place across the UK, and many of us in week 5, we have decided to INCREASE our Isolation challenge! Introducing... Drum roll, please....... The PUSH- PLEDGE- PASS Challenge! We are joining together to lift our voices and harness the power of

Control – A Review

Control - A Review By Anna Morris, Head of Donor Relation On 16th January 2020, the co-production of Control by Press Red & Restored was shown at Lambeth Palace in London. Written by Matt Britton and performed by himself and Emily Lawson, Control delves into the narrative of the

Honour Based Violence and Its Brutality

Honour Based Violence and Its Brutality By Ruth Akinradewo  The Metropolitan Police describes "honour-based violence" as "a violent crime or incident which may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of the family or community." Figures show that at least 5,000 people are victims of "honour"