The PUSH- PLEDGE- PASS Challenge

With lockdown in place across the UK, and many of us in week 5, we have decided to INCREASE our Isolation challenge!

Introducing… Drum roll, please……. The PUSH- PLEDGE- PASS Challenge!

We are joining together to lift our voices and harness the power of social for good. We are challenging you to do 10 push-ups, pledge to Press Red on the following link (we are suggesting £5 per person), then pass the challenge on and nominate 5 friends on social media to take part. https://pressred.charitycheckout.co.uk/push-pledge-pass

We would love to see your video’s, the funnier, the better, and see how much we can raise during the lockdown. This challenge is a great way to get the whole family involved.

Use the hashtags #pressred #breakthesilence #turnthesilenceoff

Together, let’s use this lockdown for good, and speak out. Collectively, we can be a force against violence against women and girls.