The Grid

The Grid

Effecting Church Transformation

GRID enables church leaders to consider and discover their own preconceptions and biases about gender-based violence, looking at how these are informing their churches and ministry and challenging them to change things

Launched in February 2019, with an initial focus on churches: each month 20-25 local church leaders are guided through a time of reflection and appraisal by our gender-justice specialist. This enables them to confront their own biases and pre-conceptions, and commit to long-term change. Post-session, these leaders and their churches are supported by us to implement their decisions, with the target of creating a network of like-minded institutions all over the UK with the power to change our nation. 

We believe that GRID’s approach of tackling the attitudes, beliefs and practices of influential leaders, and inspiring them to take ownership of finding and embedding solutions will effect considerable, deep-seated and long-lasting change. 

Feedback from church leaders at our recent workshops shows how successful they are: 


of leaders said that they would recommend the events to others


of leaders said the events helped them to understand more about the different types and signs of abuse


of leaders said that the workshops were beneficial to them in their ministerial roles.

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