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Violence against women and girls exists at every life stage, threatening their physical and mental well-being from before birth right through to old age. This harms not just the direct victim, but also her family, friends and wider communities. The nature of these abuses, however, means that they are rarely confronted: either they are hidden from sight, with both victims and abusers too fearful and ashamed to seek help, or they form part of a cultural practice which carries on unchallenged.

Press Red is a Christian organisation which works to bring these issues out into the open. We let people know what’s going on, and we provide them with the tools and resources they need to make a difference. We are a force for change, leading a movement of people, churches and other organisations who refuse to accept the status quo, and are committed to helping bring hope and healing into deeply painful situations. We are Press Red.

Why we’re different

As an umbrella charity, we tackle all of the different forms of worldwide violence against women, working as the first step in the process of individuals, churches, and organisations realising the scale of the abuse taking place and getting involved with specialist charities and experts to help make a difference.

Vision and Values

A world in which no individual, society, or culture accepts abuse and violence against
women, and where they can live full and meaningful lives in safety and security.


We focus on reaching the goal, and not on who gets the credit for the work.


We bring the toughest of truths out into the light.


We are non-judgmental and determined to ensure that every individual affected by these issues feels valued.


We are founded on Christian roots and put Biblical principles at the heart of everything we do.


We maximise the impact of donations through targeting the decision-makers who have the greatest influence.


We will never stop developing new ways of shining a light on gender violence and helping people to make a difference.

The Team

We are proud to have Mrs Margaret Sentamu as our patron

Stan Tomalin Chair of Trustees. Trustees: Michele Hawthorne, Gilly Hall, Marion White, Colin Hardicre, James Adams, and Lily Newman.


Michele Hawthorne


“I’m an artist with experience working alongside vulnerable young people and refugees.
I have a passion for people, hospitality, good food & drink.
I’m married to Andy Hawthorne and the Message Trust has been an integral part of my life since it began. As I have travelled to some very desperate places with Andy and the Message my heart has been torn apart by the inequality and abuse I’ve seen, and so I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to begin speaking out about these issues.
God uses those who make themselves available much more than the most able! And that’s what I want to do: to speak out on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves”


Katy Adams


Having trained and practised as a Corporate Tax lawyer in the City, Katy then relocated to New York, USA, where she transferred her skills to the not-for-profit sector. On her return to England she worked on national strategy and implementation at Barnardo’s, before joining Press Red in January 2018. Married with four children, Katy is committed to engaging people in the debate around female-focussed violence and growing Press Red into a movement which helps change hearts and minds across the world.

Head of Development

Laura Brett


Laura is a trained midwife, speaker, evangelist and women’s activist.

Having previously worked in the field of perinatal mental health as a specialist midwife, she is passionately concerned about the impact that has on today’s society – in particular with regards to human trafficking, domestic abuse, FGM and Forced Marriage.

She firmly believes that the transformational power of the gospel is fundamental in setting people free from the hurt, shame and destruction these abuses bring upon individuals, families and the extended community.

Laura is married with three children and enjoys outdoor life, running, baking and travelling.

FInancial Advisor

Phil Wells


Phil Wells is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in Charity accounting and governance. For his day job he works as a Finance Manager for a national charity that supports adults with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities. Phil is also a Reader at Cheadle Parish Church and is keen to see men as well as women involved in changing attitudes towards gender-based abuse.


Hannah Guard


I have always been passionate about making a stand against injustice. I have joined the Press Red team to help sound the alarm and remove the silence surrounding so many issues of violence against women. From human trafficking, female genital mutilation and domestic violence oppression comes in so many different forms; but I believe together we make a difference.

Press Red offers the church an opportunity to rise to her calling and fulfill her destiny. Violence against women is at the heart of injustice around the world and at work in every local community. It is time to stop it.

By Danielle Strickland - Speaker, Author & Social Justice Advocate

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